Office of the Prime Minister - "Universal Children's Day"

By Gender and Child Affairs on 11/17/2016

We at the Office of the Prime Minister unite with the global community, under one banner, to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST Children by promoting togetherness, creating awareness among children and improving children's welfare by advocating for their rights.

YES YOUR RIGHTS! Your right to be educated, your right to play, your right to be respected and be free from all forms of abuse. In light of these rights, remember you also have a RESPONSIBILITY to learn, to have fun and to respect others.

As children born in this millennium, you have MORE OPPORTUNITIES than those of us from yesteryears. Changes in technology, science and social development have driven us forward to greater social connections and other lifestyle improvements. Therefore, some of the limitations of yesterday are not stumbling blocks today. The Government, through the Office of the Prime Minister is working on your behalf to ensure your rights are promoted and protected, and you reach your full potential. As a testimony of the Government’s commitment to you, the CHILDREN‘S AUTHORITY OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO and CHILDLINE were established to safeguard your rights and freedom. In addition, Government is actively working towards finalising the drafting of the National Child Policy and establishing the National Children’s Registry all in an effort to better serve you. As we commemorate Universal Children’s Day 2016, I am pleased to present to the Nation two publications: MY BOOK OF RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES and REACH OUT: A GUIDE TO CHILD FRIENDLY SERVICES. These books provide all the rights and responsibilities afforded to you and the organisations that cater specifically to your needs.

Boys and girls, you have the sure hope of a better today and tomorrow because you have the OPPORTUNITY AND ABILITY to be whatever you want to be, at any time you want to. Today you may want to be a teacher, tomorrow an astronaut and on another day the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. You are free to choose the path you want to travel and pursue it with PASSION AND DETERMINATION.

I encourage you to believe in yourself, regardless of what is happening around you. Be PATIENT with yourself and, be CONSISTENT in all that you do. PERSEVERANCE produces CHARACTER and CHARACTER fuelled by HOPE helps us achieve great things. Always remember HOPE NEVER FAILS.

So be BOLD, CONFIDENT and COURAGEOUS, applying yourself to wisdom and understanding. Be happy with what you see in the mirror and understand that who you are and will become is ENOUGH. Remember to LISTEN before you speak. LOVE without condition. TALK without bad intention. GIVE without any reason. And most of all, CARE for people without any expectation.

Please click any of the following links to access the books: