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Child Abuse Bus Branding Event

Message by the Honourable Ayanna Webster-Roy - National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) 2017

Universal Children's Day Press Release

By Gender and Child Affairs on 11/19/2016

Universal Children’s Day: Press Release


The Honourable Ayanna Webster-Roy (Universal Children's Day 2016)

By Administrator on 11/19/2016

The Honourable Ayana Webster-Roy posed with students from the Children Who Inspire publication


Celebrating International Day of the Girl

By Gender and Child Affairs on 10/10/2016

Vote now on the top 5 Break the Silence wall murals...

Office of the Prime Minister - "Children Who Inspire"

By Gender and Child Affairs on 9/26/2016
It gives me great pleasure to share with the nation, the second edition of the Office of the Prime Minister’s “Children Who Inspire “publication. The stories of the children featured in this publication fill me with a sense of pride as they show that our nation’s children, despite their circumstances, are resilient, talented, courageous and humane.

Commemoration of World Population Day 2016

By Gender and Child Affairs on 7/11/2016

In commemoration of World Population Day 2016, the United Nations Population Fund and the UN System in Trinidad and Tobago, in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister, Tobago House of Assembly, Ministries of Planning and Development, Sport and Youth Affairs, Social Development and Family Services, and members of civil society held a forum for youth, government officials, civil society and representatives from the UN on the issue of Investing in Teenage Girls to address teenage pregnancy.


Expression of Interest to become a Foster Parent

By Gender and Child Affairs on 6/23/2016

The Children's Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is seeking to build a preliminary database of persons who are willing to foster children in their homes.
We are therefore inviting persons to apply to be considered as foster parents.

Foster Care

Office of the Prime Minister (Gender and Child Affairs) Position on Child Marriage

By Gender and Child Affairs on 5/18/2016
It is the Government’s view that children are entitled to the fullest benefits of childhood and to the enjoyment of their rights as children
and the Government is committed to the protection and fulfilment of these rights. In this regard, there is a critical need for the age of
marriage to be aligned to the age of consent for sexual conduct.