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Official Closing of the Caregivers Training Programme

By Gender and Child Affairs on 8/29/2017

  Back Centre( L-R): Mrs. Debra Parkinson, Deputy Permanent Secretary; Mr. Maurice Suite, Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister and Head of the Public Service; the        Honourable Ayanna Webster- Roy, Minister of State, Ms. Jacqueline Johnson, Permanent Secretary , Ms Gwendolyn Snaggs, Head Facilitator, Trinidad and Tobago Registered   Nurses Association and Mr. Idi Stewart, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Nurses Association stand with caregivers at the Closing Ceremony of the Training Programme. 

Official Closing of the Caregivers Training Programme

  On Friday 25th August, 2017, thirty one (31) participants graduated from the Caregivers Training Programme.

  This three months Training Programme was designed to meet the gap in the standards of care for children, who are wards of the court and residing at Community Residences.

  The Programme started in April, 2017 and participants were taught both theoretical and practical methods of child care and development.

  The programme focused on many areas, such as:-

·         Understanding Self and Others

·         Social and Emotional Development

·         Caring for Children with Emotional and Physical Disabilities

·         Growth and Development of the Infant

·         Psychological Theories Related to Growth and Development

·         Communication and Language Development

·         Implementation of Care Plans for Children in Residences

  Special thanks to the Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association for partnering with the Office of the Prime Minister (Gender and Child Affairs) in further strengthening the Child Protection System in Trinidad and Tobago.