Office of the Prime Minister - "Children Who Inspire"

By Gender and Child Affairs on 9/26/2016

It gives me great pleasure to share with the nation, the second edition of the Office of the Prime Minister’s “Children Who Inspire “publication. The stories of the children featured in this publication fill me with a sense of pride as they show that our nation’s children, despite their circumstances, are resilient, talented, courageous and humane.

I hope that as you read through this publication you are inspired as I have been inspired. I hope you will recognize that greatness is your portion, the only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself, and anything is possible once you believe. I urge you, adults and children, to let your light shine and not keep your talents hidden, but allow the world to see and celebrated what you have to offer.

Parents, we have an awesome responsibility and we should never take it for granted. We have to educate our children on their rights and their responsibilities to ensure that we nurture them into responsible adults. Let us motivate our children to accomplish their goals by consistently inspiring them, congratulating them when they meet significant milestones and assuring them that their dreams can become a reality if they work towards it.

The nation’s children are all our children; therefore, the job of nurturing them is our collective responsibility. They will not reach their full potential if we approach their care and protection disjointedly. We need our attitude and approach to change and become more intentional about what we do and say. Let us make the sacrifices today to safeguard a legacy for our children tomorrow. Let us once again embrace the concept of the village rising the child.

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